A Letter From Fred

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A short documentary telling a poignant story of life, love and music.”

If there is a video you’re going to watch over the weekend, this is it.

An elderly man named Fred submitted a letter to a singer songwriter contest (even though the contest asked for a YouTube upload). This letter included a song he had written for his recently deceased wife titled “Oh Sweet Loraine”.

Also in the letter, Fred made it clear that he couldn’t sing or play any musical instruments. Fred had accepted the fact that he may not get any response from the contest but little to his surprise…Fred heard back. You’re never going to believe what this music company did for him.

Warning: you might need a tissue for this one.

You can purchase Fred’s song on iTunes here.




  1. Love is the most Powerful and Precious gift of all times……
    Imagine three quarters of a century of True Love!
    Now that is the Most Touching and Heartbreaking Story I have ever Encountered….
    Bless your Heart Fred! xoxoxoxo
    Rest In Peace Loraine! xoxoxoxo
    For you will once again be reunited – in Gods Name – Amen!

  2. To have a long love for that many years i am so happy he got to write her a song and i know in my heart she heard every word he wrote to her most touching story i have heard in a long time . these days you do not find to many love stories like this one Loraine your one lucky lady to have the privilege of having a man who loves you that much that he would put it in a song an i know your up there just waiting for him to come home to you i had tears and chills at his song for you god bless you both until you meet again GREAT JOB FRED !!! god bless you my dear

  3. That made me cry so hard, because it is so sweet and it reminded me of my Mom and Dad, they just made it to her 70th birthday, April1 and April 14 was there 50 anniversary and she passed away July 7, 2006. MY Dad has been lost without her. I will download Fred’s song and play it for my Dad, whose name is also Fred he will only be 81 in October. This story about Fred and Loraine is so so touching. I just Love it. You don’t find a lot of men like them anymore. Stay strong Fred and rest in Peace Sweet Loraine.

  4. What a beautiful tribute to Sweet Lorraine! Fred has been blessed to have had her for so long. This reminds me of my Dad’s love for my mother, Irene. God bless you Fred, God bless my father, Paul, until you meet your love again.

  5. This song is like a life lesson, showing us so much to appreciate what we have and those we love, and to live and love for every moment. I encourage you all to purchase this song for Fred. Thank you to Green Shoe studios for sharing Fred’s love story.

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